Cleaning up the Albums

In October, I visited my parents place, they had recently had some flooding in their basement. I haven’t lived at my parents for over twenty years now, but I still have a few things that have found their way into storage there.

– My grandfather’s clock (not a grandfather clock, but my grandfather’s).

– Two dime store fortune telling scales from the 1930’s that I restored, each weighing over a 100 pounds.

– And a collection of over 800 records, that were too numerous, too bulky and too heavy to travel with me through my many apartments over the years.

So in the flooding the water was almost a foot deep in their basement. The clock was on a wall upstairs, no issue. The scales were on the standing on the floor in the basement, but are both cast iron and could last through anything. BUT the records were stacked on shelves, with about a 100 below the waterline.

Record album covers are paper, which doesn’t exactly hold up to water well. While being considered art by some and even antiques by others, are not to insurance clean up companies.

When they came in to clean up, the 100 on the bottom that were damaged, were tossed in the garbage. I have no idea what I have lost, because I don’t have recollection of what I had acquired.

I’ve been meaning to clean up the collection and make a plan for me to move things out of my parents basement, but the items stored weren’t exactly going to fit in my carry on or checked luggage back to Vancouver.

So the flooding was an urgency for action and change. I cleaned out my collection while home and took some 500 records to the local used record dealer. Not getting much, but getting much more than I had anticipated.

My clock, scales and a collection of 100 AWESOME records are still in my parents basement. But this time the records are in a plastic tub, stored a foot off the ground.

I still need to come up with a plan. Here’s a look at a selection of that scaled back collection.

4 Way Street - CSNY After the Gold Rush - Neil Young Better Git It In Your Soul - Charles Mingus Can't Get Enough - Barry White Desire - Bob Dylan German Beer Drinking Songs - Various Harvest - Neil Young Houses of the Holy - Led Zeppelin In Through the Out Door - Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III - Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zeppelin Live 75-85 Box Set - Bruce Springsteen Physical Graffiti  (2) - Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin Roar of 74 Buddy Rich Soul Explosion - The Daktaries The Isaac Hayes Movement - Isaac Hayes Thrust - Herbie Hancock Whos Better Whos  Best - The Who